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Cost of “democracy” – how much does UK contribute??

April 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Not technical at all, sorry guys, but I could not help commenting and referencing that!

Just Yesterday I read on BBC web site about how much Afghanistan war costs to US/UK taxpayers. Now I’ve searched high and low through all their web site and could not find that article! Is it me or it’s our democracy in action? Being very much intrigued I then asked Mr Google and here we go! Not the BBC’s article I was looking for but spot on! Have a look here (link opens in new window).

Long story short here is a quote from that article:

Using the fact that 2,000 Taliban are being killed each year and that the Pentagon spends $200 billion per year on the war in Afghanistan, one simply has to divide one number into the other. That calculation reveals that $100 million is being spent to kill each Taliban soldier. Read more…

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