Ages ago (I guess that was 1999), when nobody heard the word “blog”, I had a web site called “Proxy Advices”. Its purpose for me at that time was to learn HTML and as a topic for the web site I chose a technical one and started writing about Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 since it was quite popular at that time, it was used in the company that I worked for and it also was quite tricky to set up and maintain and thus interesting to me.

Now, the days of Proxy 2.0 have gone and having thought “Why don’t I get an online tech. diary for myself ?”, I got back to that nice name – Proxy Advices. Why not? Nobody cares except me, anyway Smile

P.S. Who else except Microsoft could have come with the idea of making a proxy engine out of IIS ISAPI filter??? That was a nice one… weird but technically elegant! 🙂

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