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Cost of “democracy” – how much does UK contribute??

Not technical at all, sorry guys, but I could not help commenting and referencing that!

Just Yesterday I read on BBC web site about how much Afghanistan war costs to US/UK taxpayers. Now I’ve searched high and low through all their web site and could not find that article! Is it me or it’s our democracy in action? Being very much intrigued I then asked Mr Google and here we go! Not the BBC’s article I was looking for but spot on! Have a look here (link opens in new window).

Long story short here is a quote from that article:

Using the fact that 2,000 Taliban are being killed each year and that the Pentagon spends $200 billion per year on the war in Afghanistan, one simply has to divide one number into the other. That calculation reveals that $100 million is being spent to kill each Taliban soldier. In order to be conservative, the author decided to double the number of Taliban being killed each year by U.S. and NATO forces (although the likelihood of such being true is unlikely). This reduces the cost to kill each Taliban to $50 million, which is the title of this article. The final number is outrageously high regardless of how one calculates it.

BBC article actually mentioned how much UK contributed and is going to continue contributing… sadly it’s gone..

Good stuff… so, you carry on Mr. Obama and Mr. Cameron! Well done! We’ll keep paying our taxes anyway, no need to worry!…

p.s. adding new tag now – “democracy” 😉

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